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Articulating Cantilever Mounts


Need Mounting Instructions?

Need Mounting Instructions?

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TVMountsPro.com's Articulating Triple Pivot TV Mount 203

Articulating Wall Mounts & More

Our quality Cantilever Wall Mounts will help you Swivel, Extend and Tilt your way to the best viewing position! An Articulating TV Mount, also known as a Cantilever, Full Motion or Swing Arm Mount is perfect for a flat panel TV that is going to be viewed from different areas of a room or cannot be viewed well when flat on the wall. These cantilever wall mounts have strong and durable arm(s) with one or more pivoting points that allow the screen to be pulled away from the wall and angled towards the viewing area. When not in use, it folds back towards the wall for out-of the-way storage. A Cantilever or articulating wall mount allows your LCD, LED or Plasma TV to be securely mounted but movable to the perfect position for viewing. We even have a mount especially for RVs and Trucks and  Cantilever mounts that are portable from room to room!

Articulating, Full Motion Mounts vary greatly in price and features. Some only Articulate or pull away from the wall and swivel from side to side. Others have the additional benefit of adjusting the up and down angle too. Since they have additional hardware (arms) behind them, they are usually not as flat to the wall as a Low Profile Fixed Mount. When choosing cantilever mounts, be sure they are strong enough to hold the weight and screen size of your TV and pull far enough away from the wall to reach the angles from where you will be viewing. Remember, the wider your TV is, the further it has to be away from the wall to get an angle. Because this mount will be visible when you are watching TV, choose a nice, versatile finish that compliments your decor. You may also want to check out a locking kit to keep your screen tightly against the wall.
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We also have Adapter Plates just incase the mount you want isn't compatible with your TV.

Our TV Wall Mounts come with our "Be Happy" satisfaction guarantee. Please be sure to contact us if you don't find what you're looking for or if you’d like us to make a suggestion on items for you.

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