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What kind of mount do I need?


Need Mounting Instructions?

Need Mounting Instructions?

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As silly as it sounds, many people may as much or more for their TV Wall Mount than they pay for their TV. Often times, many people buy more mount than they need. They spend more money on an All Motion mount that can move in many directions only to find that they "park" the TV in one position and it has never moved since. Today's TVs also have wider viewing angles so the need to swivel the screen from side to side to get a clear picture is no longer an issue. Getting a High Design low profile mount that will only be seen by the back of your TV set is a bit wasteful too. To save money and get the mount you really want and need, you have to ask yourself one key question and then assess your situation:

Where will I be when I watch this TV?

If your TV is going to be in an intimate room where you will be sitting at a designated place most of the time, like a theatre or viewing room, you will only need a flat, low profile wall mount. Mount the screen at eye level to where you will be when you are watching it. Usually, this is the least expensive mount and will allow you to position your TV at the perfect viewing level. If you won't be moving it around, you don't need a mount that moves. And you don't need a real pretty mount since it will only be seen by the back of your TV set.

On the other hand, if you will be watching your TV from a general area or from across the room, consider a low/profile pivoting mount. In a larger room, you could be standing, sitting or on a high stool. Mounting the TV higher on the wall and having it pivot down at a slight angle will assure viewers will be able to see the screen from across the room. This is a great option for bedrooms, work out rooms, living rooms, game rooms or waiting areas and itis reasonably priced. It doesn't need to be too pretty since it will be up over everyone's head and hidden behind the TV but you may want to try to get a color that will blend.

Finally, if your room has a few specialized viewing areas or is a very wide room, you may want an All Motion Mount. This will allow you to move the TV to the area you are at. Remember, these have a higher profile or space away form the wall but, you will be able to pull it out, move it towards almost any direction and tuck it back to the wall when you are done viewing. Many people who purchase an All Motion Mount tend to not use it that way. They mount the TV and then keep it in that position 99% of the time. Be sure you will use all the benefit of an All Motion Mount before spending the extra money. Good areas for an All Motion Mounts are kitchens (where you may want to move the TV base on where you are working) and rooms where the wall space does not allow for good viewing angles. Also, if your room gets bright sunlight during the times you will be watching, an All Motion Mount may help get rid of glare. If you will be moving it a lot or if your TV is on the heavy side; a strong, durable, quality mount is important. An All Motion Mount will be visible when it is out so select a complimentary finish & color for your room.

Thinking about its actual use and mentally visioning how you will watch your TV will help you select the right mount. Buying mounts with options you won't use may make you compromise in other areas, otherwise known as "Over-Mounting". If you don't think about your room and your viewing needs you could end up with Mount-Disappointment. Define what you need, buy it, mount it and enjoy the view!

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