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Need Mounting Instructions?

Need Mounting Instructions?

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GPS Dash Mat PRO, Bracket Style, G200

GPS Dash Mat PRO, Bracket Style, G200

GPS Dash Mat PRO, Bracket Style, G200
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GPS Dash Pro, G200 is a dashboard mount that is compatible with most handheld GPS, iPods, Cell Phones, Satellite Radios, PDAs, and Radar Detectors. It has a Universal GPS Bracket that rotates for the perfect viewing angle; a weighted anti-skid base and requires no tools to install.

GPS Dash Pro is portable so you can move it from vehicle to vehicle or stow it away in your console, under a seat, or glove box when not in use.

Universal GPS Holding Bracket
Bracket swivels left to right for driver and passenger viewing
Bracket tilts up and down for perfect viewing angle
Bracket can rotate GPS Screen 360 degrees for landscape or portrait view
Compatible with many electronic devices
Weighted, Anti-Skid Base
Conforms To Your Dash
Universal Fit, Move From Car to Car.
No tools required for installation.
[GPS not included]

Use: to hold GPS, pod, Cell Phone, MP3 Player, or Satellite Radio and other compatible hand held electronic devices. Side Brackets slide in and out from a minimum of 1.75" to a maximum of 4.5".

Brand: Master Mount
Mount Style: Universal Holding Bracket
Bottom: Anti-Skid, weighted

Box Size: 8.25"H x 8.25" W x 1.75" D
Assembled Size: 6"H x 5"W x 5.25D"
Brackets Adjust Minimum: 1.75"
Brackets Adjust Maximum 4.5"
Weight: 1.8 lbs
Color: Black
(GPS not included)