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Need Mounting Instructions?

Need Mounting Instructions?

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401L - Locking Front -Load TV Mount

401L - Locking Front -Load TV Mount

401L - Locking Front -Load TV Mount
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401L has an innovative front-loading design for tight spaces that lets you easily mount TVs and monitors straight from the front.  In RVs and campers or inbetween cabinets and shelves there isn't always room to slide a mount on from the top or side.  The 401L solves that dilemma -- just place and click and its mounted and locked in.

In tight spaces, you may only have enough room to move the TV straight forward towards the wall to mount it.  There is no wiggle room to attach the TV from the side or from above as with most traditional fixed mounts.  The 401L solves that problem with its front loading SmartLocktm feature.
Simply install the 401L wall plate to the back of your TV and you will be able to place the TV straight onto the wall plate on the wall without the use of tools. [Like you could even get a tool into that tight space anyway!]

To lock, pull the strap downward and the SmartLocktm will lock the mount in place. To unlock, pull the strap again and remove your TV.  No tools required to unlock either.  This mount can adjust slightly up and down as well as side to side.  Because it is so easy to unlock, buy an extra wall bracket and move your TV from one place to another too!

BEST USE: Tight Spaces (inbetween cabinets or shelves) where you do not have the room to slide the TV in from the side or top.

When installed in moving vehicles:
-The 401L SmartLock holds the screen in place -- your TV stays put during the inevitable bumps and vibrations of the road.
-Deter Theft from your camper, RV, Truck or Boat -- since it is easy to detach from the wall plate, you can store your screen out of sight when not in use.  
The 401L holds screens up to 36” and 66 pounds. 
Packaged in a mailer box.
Price:  $39.95

Steel Construction
Screen Size: 12" - 36"
Weight Capacity: up to 66 pounds.
Color: Black
VESA: 75x75 and100x100
Unit Size: 5.5" x 5.5" x 1" ~ 1.3#
Mounting Hardware + User Manual Included. 
Click Here for Instruction Manual

Size: 5.5" x 5.5" x 1"
For Screens Sizes: up to 36"
Weight Limit: 66 lbs
Color: Black
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Features Benefits
Front Loading Allows you to Mount your Screen in tight places
SmartLock tm Technology Secures TV in place, great for moving vehicles, easy to remove when not in use
Easy to Install Complete instructions included